Wednesday, 8 February 2012


Dolly and I are teaming up with the wonderfully talented Tukso Okey for a little collateral activity in appreciation of Tukso Okey fans and Heart Botanical friends and customers.

We've created a special Tukso Lover's Tree with cuddle log and swing. Grab one quick as this 99L$ version will only be for sale for the month of February.

You will find this special cherry blossom tree on Heart 1 

On February 26th @ 2pm SLT, we'll be hosting a Tukso party/concert performance at The Villa Bar on Heart 2 to announce winners of an on-going contest. Dolly and I will be giving away gifts and Tukso will be giving away complimentary concerts. We really hope you can join us.

A headliner in Second Life (5+ years performance experience), and a performer with vast NYC stage experience (CBGB's, Kenny's Castaways, Knitting Factory, Red Lion, China Club, and hundreds more). Seasoned multi-instrument musician (drums, keyboard, guitar, bass, percussion, harmonica, vocals ~ *ALL PLAYED LIVE as one-man band during concerts). Genres include funk, blues, jazz, soul, psychedelic, rock on original music created on the spot in front thrilled and delighted audiences.

For details of the contest running through February or if you have any questions or need further information please contact Padula Bing inworld