Friday, 5 July 2013


Second Life is wondrous and marvellous. One of the most incredible things about the virtual world Second life is how malleable and plastic the environment is, it's changeable. Everything can be changed and transformed. One day a Second Life simulation, a sim, an island, can be a flat, empty space void of life ..... the next day a lush overgrown Oak Forest can grow out of nowhere, or a tropical paradise perhaps.

In Second life nothing is fixed, everything is ready to respond to the user's imagination. It's the ultimate play-box for grown-ups. There are more than 2 million virtual goods in the SL marketplace catering to every niche and every imagination.

When an individual avatar transforms their environment it's an act of creation, an act of imagination. In Second life we are powerful, we can do magic.

So here's a little something that will hopefully add to the magic of Second Life. If you would like to do magic and make a giant lush , green overgrown oak forest, appear as if from nowhere ....... Please take a look at our new MESH TERRAIN Wildwood Giant Oak Forest Landscaping kit.

It's a rather a large kit - 9 different 20m forest modules to avoid repetition and help create an organic and believable deep forest experience. All parts have Copy/Mody/No Transfer permissions.
See below for screen shots and more info.

and here's the link to the SL Marketplace listing.  


Teleport Now to the Heart Garden Centre to see the Oak Forest inworld

WildWood Giant Oak Forest Landscaping Kit

There are 9 base modules included in the kit
4 Single Tree modules
8 Copse modules

Also Includes:
Plant Palette - A selection of forest floor plants - Ivy, Ferns and Sapling trees 
2 undecorated Forest Floor mesh bases 
A 512x512 tiling version of the Forest floor texture for sim terrain and 1024x1024 for use on prims, sculpties or mesh  

WildWood Base Modules

Plant Palette

Tree Stump