Sunday, 24 August 2014

Hanging Baskets - Mixed Flowers 1

Included in this pack:
12 Hanging Baskets with mixed flowers - Petunia, Daisies, Aubretia and Gallardia
12 Different colour combinations plus wall bracket

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Mediterranean Cypress - The Complete Collection

Included in this pack: 
Spear Shaped 
Cigar Shaped 
Oval Shaped 
Flat Top Shaped 
Seed Shaped 
Tear Drop Shaped 
Mixed Wild
Season Changing Hud - Lush Spring Green, Classic Dark Green, Winter Snowy

Garden Decor 1 - Topiaries and Flowers

Next generation 3D mesh plants. Extensive pack for discerning landscapers and world builders

Included in this pack:
9 Potted flower arrangements
3 potted daisy ball topiaries - 1 small, 2 large

Summer Green Topiaries
Ball Topiary - Small and Large
Teardrop Topiary
Cigar Topiary
Potted and free standing versions of the leafy green topiaries plus 2 summer green versions

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Wildflowers - White Ox Eye Daisy Clusters and Bushes

An extensive pack for the discerning landscaper and world builder

Included in this pack:
4 Daisy Bushes
4 Leafy Bushes - No Flowers
4 Daisy clusters

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Wildflowers - Aubretia Patches for Gardens Patios and Rockeries

Lots of different colours and sizes to create your own arrangements.

Included in this pack:
4 different size flower patches - Large, Medium, Small and Tiny
8 Colours - Purple, lilac, Blue, pale Blue, Yellow, Red, White
2 greens - Dark and Light
2 versions of each flower patch - Full Bloom and Sparse Bloom

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