Thursday, 15 December 2011


Dolly and I were recently nominated and thrilled to win the AVI Choice Award for Favourite Landscaping Store.

A big thank you to everybody who voted for us and to all who have supported us over the nearly 7 roller coaster years we've been creating plants and trees for Secondlife ..... and a special big thanks to Mrs Bartlett, my nursery school teacher, who told me I drew a nice flower :-)

Here's a brief screenshot look at some of the plants and trees we have created over the years
Please Click the screenshots to view slideshow

Thursday, 8 December 2011


Get your ice skates on, invite your friends and use the MAGIC OF SECONDLIFE to conjure up (rez-faux :-)) an instant snowy ice skating ring with cozy nook and fire pit to keep you warm on those wintery Secondlife frosty nights.

That truly is one of the most amazing things about Secondlife.... The rez-faux magic. It's a very empowering experience to magic up whole environments in a flash. Don't forget to wear your winter woolies ...... it's chilly !

TP NOW to see the ice ring inworld
Click here to TP to the ice ring at Heart. Do magic !

Click pic to enlarge
Click pic to enlarge

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Find all the snowy, frosty goodies you need to create your own Secondlife winter wonderland...... Everything from snowy trees, snowy mounds, huge glaciers and frozen ice sheets to frosty waterfalls, illuminated trees and garlands, and skyscaping star clusters.

Dolly and I have added new winter trees and updated most of the existing snowy trees so they are now supplied with modify perms which means you can size them down really small and cute or size them up the a massive 64m, creating dramatic skylines and vistas.

Giant mature snowy oaks and tall, young snowy oaks

Frosty horse chestnut trees

Frosty maritime pines

Snowy aspen trees

Snowy giant nordic pines

Snowy weeping willows

Frosty winter hawthorn with red berries

Illuminated starry beech trees in ice blue, pink and green

 You can even turn your tropical island in to a winter wonderland with these snowy palms clusters, single snowy palms and illuminated palms

Friday, 21 October 2011


Genuinely scary, soul catching Witch Tree with Runes of Power, creeping roots and watcher skulls. Lots of extra dark forest, Halloween goodies included.   The Witch Tree at Heart - TP Now

These amazing Oak trees will size up to a GIANT 64M and modify perms enable you to tint the oaks increase the glow and add your own personal touches 


Firey Witch Circle with glowing Pentacle and Beam of Earth Power, surrounded by fire runes and fire stones.


Lots of extra dark forest goodies included such as Tall black oaks, Blackthorn bushes, fiery rocks, rings of fire runes and more. Rez-Faux item making it easy to set up. Ideal for a Gothic, Halloween dance party.

Wednesday, 19 October 2011


New Rez-Faux Greco Roman Pavillions - Stand alone and ready landscaped. Beautiful high rez plants with crisp textures decorate this romantic Secondlife lover's location. Available in several styles and flavours. Easy to deploy. Rez a ready landscaped version with summer or autumn oaks, or landscape around one of the stand alone overgrown with clematis or ivy versions - the choice is yours.

Ready landscaped summer version with tall green oaks, climbing ivy,
hydrangeas and buckthorn bushes with berries

Ready landscaped autumn version with tall copper oaks, climbing ivy,
golden broom and colourful poison ivy 

Stand Alone Pavillion

Summer pavillion with climbing pink clematis -
pink, blue or white clematis available 

Pavillion with summer green climbing ivy

Friday, 9 September 2011


Gorgeous giant great oak trees and elegant tall young oak trees in summer greens and shades of autumn gold and copper. Perfect for your Secondlife forests, gardens and parks

Summer and Autumn Great Oaks in packs of 4 and 12

Summer and Autumn Tall Young Oaks in packs of 4 and 12

Saturday, 20 August 2011


Sally Cherry of CherryNetworks has taken down the copybotted Heart content which was included in an OAR file Sally acquired from Opensim grid.
Sally effectively was an innocent party. In fact Sally had no idea she was using stolen content to develop her Kitely world. This is a deeply unfortunate situation.

I am leaving the blog and screenshots as a record of the situation and the activity, for future reference.

Friday, 19 August 2011


I’m not against Kitely
I’m not against Open Sim
I’m a supporter of virtual worlds. I love the virtual medium

What I am against is people STEALING CONTENT, riding on my back and hijacking my hard work

I am NOT Opensource
My work is NOT Open source
I can NOT afford to be Open source.
I have a family to feed, mortgage to pay, bills to pay etc 

We have been creating content for Secondlife since 2006. A huge amount of our content has been stolen / copybotted and distributed throughout Open Sim.

Kitely will soon be monetized. Kitely enables users to import .OAR files from Opensim. Kitely is in danger of being flooded with loads of stolen versions of Heart content.

If and when this happens Kitely could be considered to be monetising Heart content as they will be earning revenue from Kitely worlds that contain stolen versions of our work. So if Kitely are earning money from Heart content will they be paying us Royalties?

Here are some screenshots of a Kitely world called Cherry Network. 80% of the plant content is stolen Heart botanicals and there is so much of it, it represents several months work

The owner ( Sally Cherry ) of CherryNetwork - a Kitely World - has her name displayed as creator on our plants and trees. She is not the creator. They are stolen artworks.

I have 100% proof that the plants and trees are mine. The textures are renders of mesh plants which Dolly and I created from scratch.

Take note. We have the 3d Meshes. We have the proof. We ARE the creators.

Screenshots showing stolen/copybot Heart Botanicals
 in Kitely World

I repeat I am NOT against Kitely or any Opensim effort. But it is not acceptable for Opensim grid owners to monetise, promote and support their grids with stolen Heart content when renting virtual world land.

The biggest problem the Opensim community has in gaining traction, is trust and attracting content creators to their worlds. Without content there are no worlds, only empty land. All this cobybotting and theft in Opensim does not attract the content creating community to Opensim, in fact it keeps content creators away.

Sharing is all very well if you AGREE to share. But when you haven’t agreed to share, it’s called stealing.

‘He who holds the ladder is as bad as the thief’
Anglo Saxon proverb