Thursday, 15 October 2009


Now available : Focused selection of Gothic Dark Forest trees and plants. From ground cover like Creeping Blackthorn and Witches Eyelashes to sapling and extra large Gothic Barren Trees, with seven tree designs in every box, to get that ORGANIC, natural LOOK. Perfect for a vampires garden or forest ..... or a gift for that special undead Secondlife friend !

Click the pics to see high res screenshots of Secondlife landscapes

Heart Botanicals has everything you need to landscape and transform your Secondlife™ garden or entire sim in to a spooky, atmospheric, barren, halloween forest

Strange Witches Eyeyleashes, Bellocks Crowns and Sleepmace

Thursday, 17 September 2009


Now available : Large selection of ULTRA LOW PRIM SCULPTY autumn trees. Linden/Lime trees 20m, 30m and 40m in three harmonious autumn colours. Aspen saplings and mature with three diffrent autumn colours in every box. Also ultra low prim sculpty Horse Chestnut trees, sapling and young in 6 different autumn colours.

So why did we create so many versions and so many colours of every tree ? We do it so that when you landscape with Heart botanicals you get a more natural organic look immediately. That's why we always include different stages of growth in the boxed versions of our plants, trees and flowers.

Screenshots from a little bit of landscaping we did at the New England sims. It was fun as we don't usually get to do much landscaping and the New England sims are so beautifully terraformed that is was surprisingly easy to get an immediate autumn forest effect. The palette of autumn colours made a lovely change from summer greens.

Please click the pics to see the full size versions of the Secondlife screenshots of Heart autumn trees in situ at the New England sailing sims
Ultra low prim autumn Linden/Lime trees available in packs of 12. The Packs include 3 autumn colours and 3 different tree designs

Ultra low prim autumn Horse Chestnut trees available in packs of 12 and 24. Packs include 6 autumn colours and 6 different tree designs
Ultra low prim autumn Aspen trees available in packs of 12. Packs include 3 autumn colours and 4 different tree designs

Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Heart Garden Centre with Second Life Shadows

Oh my goodness !! Secondlife™ shadows ...... "What a difference a shadow makes". Shadows transform the Secondlife™ virtual world into a far more compelling and intimate experience. Shadows add body and volume to everything enabling you to READ and SEE the world with your RL eyes. There was always something wierd and unsubstantial about a world without shadows and lighting. Shadows are so much a part of our 'Real Life' looking experience .... they are essential for all 3D virtual worlds

How to turn on shadows in Secondlife™
1. Make sure you have the latest version of Secondlife ™ Client
2. Go to Advanced Menu
3. Go to Debug Settings
4. Select RenderUseFBO and set it to TRUE
5. Select RenderDeferred and set it to TRUE
Now use eyes to LOOK and see a trasformed Secondlife !
Of course shadows work best with Heart Botanicals :-))
'Protect your Dream Eyes'

Wednesday, 2 September 2009


Minor update to the Giant Dragon Claw Bamboo
Now it's easy to create luscious oriental bamboo forests
Protect your dream eyes. To get that fully immersed experience use Heart Botanicals. Especially designed for Second Life

The Giant Dragon Claw Bamboo is available in packs of 12 ready made arrangements with 8 different stages of growth/designs to help create a naturalistic, organic look

Th Dragon Claw bamboo is also available is single prim 'Kit' form so you can create your own arrangements and designs. Ideal for experienced Second life™ landscapers and sim developers

Monday, 3 August 2009


Huge selection of beautiful meadow patches. Different coloured Tulips, garlic mustard, poppies, iris, loosestrife. Visit Heart 5 to see the full range available. As you can see in the pics below, we are attempting to create virtual plants and landscaping items that create a truly immersive experience, with only artwork based plants. No RL photo plants are used at Heart as we think that they break the illusion of the virtual world. You must 'protect your dream eyes'

The meadow patches are low enough prim count to be used with abandon even on Secondlife™ Homestead sims

The pic above features pink tulips, flowering buffalo grass and summer Beech trees. Click the pictures to see enlarged versions

Available in landscape packs of 12 and 24. Note : 24 patches covers a huge area so have fun creating mulit-sim size meadows.


New at Heart Razerback Reefs and Cliffs. So many off-sim mountains and reefs available in Secondlife™ now, Dolly and I decided to try and make our off-sim products totally unique. Like no other off-sim products. We have tortured the sculpties to the extreme to create the natural and organic profiles. We hope you like them.

Go further off sim with Heart Razerback Reefs and Cliffs.
Click the pictures to see enlarged versions

Pics above are actual screenshots from within the virtual world Secondlife™. No Touch-up

Available in boxes of mixed sets so you can create you own personal Reef and Cliff designs


Get that Malibu Venice Beach look with Heart Fan Palms

Super sized skydusters with high resolution hyper-real textures

Short, fat bushy fan palms with high resolution hyper-real textures

Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Hello World, Hello Blogosphere

It will probably take us a little while to get organised but we plan to 'blog'
Dolly and Lilith