Monday, 3 August 2009


Huge selection of beautiful meadow patches. Different coloured Tulips, garlic mustard, poppies, iris, loosestrife. Visit Heart 5 to see the full range available. As you can see in the pics below, we are attempting to create virtual plants and landscaping items that create a truly immersive experience, with only artwork based plants. No RL photo plants are used at Heart as we think that they break the illusion of the virtual world. You must 'protect your dream eyes'

The meadow patches are low enough prim count to be used with abandon even on Secondlife™ Homestead sims

The pic above features pink tulips, flowering buffalo grass and summer Beech trees. Click the pictures to see enlarged versions

Available in landscape packs of 12 and 24. Note : 24 patches covers a huge area so have fun creating mulit-sim size meadows.