Thursday, 3 September 2009

The Heart Garden Centre with Second Life Shadows

Oh my goodness !! Secondlife™ shadows ...... "What a difference a shadow makes". Shadows transform the Secondlife™ virtual world into a far more compelling and intimate experience. Shadows add body and volume to everything enabling you to READ and SEE the world with your RL eyes. There was always something wierd and unsubstantial about a world without shadows and lighting. Shadows are so much a part of our 'Real Life' looking experience .... they are essential for all 3D virtual worlds

How to turn on shadows in Secondlife™
1. Make sure you have the latest version of Secondlife ™ Client
2. Go to Advanced Menu
3. Go to Debug Settings
4. Select RenderUseFBO and set it to TRUE
5. Select RenderDeferred and set it to TRUE
Now use eyes to LOOK and see a trasformed Secondlife !
Of course shadows work best with Heart Botanicals :-))
'Protect your Dream Eyes'