Tuesday, 4 May 2010


Now available ... amazing ULTRA LOW PRIM, high definition tropical palms, plants and flowers. Transform your Secondlife™ experience.
What you see effects how you feel. See something beautiful and feel beautiful.

The only HIGH DEFINITION art-based landscape store in Secondlife™.
A complete tropical landscaping system suitable for the smallest garden to multi-sim estates. Super high resolution, ultra realistic plants to transform your Secondlife™ in to something spectacular. Palms, plants, flowers, rocks, waterfalls ..... everything you could possibly need.
No clashing palettes, no mis-matched lighting you usually see with photographic plants. Everything works together. Heart botanicals have clarity and harmony for the eyes and the soul.

Tropical Lush Coco Palms with high definition tasty coconuts

Also available : Sculpty rocks - 10m to 90m. Five rocks 1 prim

Click the pics to see high res screenshots of Secondlife Landscapes