Tuesday, 8 November 2011


Find all the snowy, frosty goodies you need to create your own Secondlife winter wonderland...... Everything from snowy trees, snowy mounds, huge glaciers and frozen ice sheets to frosty waterfalls, illuminated trees and garlands, and skyscaping star clusters.

Dolly and I have added new winter trees and updated most of the existing snowy trees so they are now supplied with modify perms which means you can size them down really small and cute or size them up the a massive 64m, creating dramatic skylines and vistas.

Giant mature snowy oaks and tall, young snowy oaks

Frosty horse chestnut trees

Frosty maritime pines

Snowy aspen trees

Snowy giant nordic pines

Snowy weeping willows

Frosty winter hawthorn with red berries

Illuminated starry beech trees in ice blue, pink and green

 You can even turn your tropical island in to a winter wonderland with these snowy palms clusters, single snowy palms and illuminated palms