Wednesday, 30 March 2011


I love the idea of Kitely it's a wonderful idea and I applaud the founders, but .....

Surprise, surprise ..... the first screenshots I see of a Kitely region includes copybot, stolen, IP infringing versions of my water lily arrangements - water lilies, lily pads and sword reed. They're right there, pride of place, main focus of the screenshot.

Acording to Maria Korolov of ... 'The new world was created faster than I could type this'.

The new world .. Trombly Company Region ... was imported as an OAR file that was previously stored on Maria Korolv's hard drive. This means Maria has aquired copybot/stolen versions of my content (water lily arrangements) from some Opensim region and has them on her hard drive without my permission, as I have not released these waterlily arrangements outside of the main SL grid.

How wonderfull to see Kitely getting such a glorious beginning. Copybot content in the first screenshots of some of the first Kitely worlds.

Is this the future of Kitely ?

Who should I sue ?

Should I sue Trombly Company for receiving and using stolen property ?

Perhaps I should sue Google Adsense department as is hosting Adsense ads and gaining entertainment and traffic values from their article and their pretty region pic ?

Perhaps I should sue Kitely for enabling the distribution of stolen content ?

Perhaps I should sue Facebook for enabling and hosting infringing content via Kitely ?

Perhaps there is more money in litigating virtual, IP theft and copybotted content than there is in creating the content in the first place.

Dolly and I are not a big company, so unfortunately but we can't provide a Freemium service.

We have no VC backing We both have to pay our electricity bills, put food in the fridge, feed the family, pay the mortgage and do all those things necessary to survive in a modern world.

Why are content creators so abused.

My content is being monetized by Open sim, Kitely, Google and Facebook.

How come these big, rich companies get to create value from my content for FREE I don't get free electricity, I don't get free food from the super market

When food and electricity become FREEMIUM ... then digital artists can work for free. Until then ... Cry Havok and let loose the dogs of war !!!!

blah, blah, blah ....... DMCA .... blah, blah, blah

If you are interested to see the original Waterlily arrangements you can see them at the SL Marketplace

or you can visit our Secondlife garden centre and see them for real with your pixel eyes. Seeing is believing