Thursday, 7 April 2011


Ok I have been ‘Called on to the carpet’ as Marie Resch put it. I'm assuming for a spot of digital blog wrestling. Let's hope the carpet is clean!

Also known as Marie Ravencrow of Fanciful_muse's Journal, who’s tag line is ….. ‘Come with me and you'll be In a world of pure imagination’

Please see Marie's blog above where she questions our integrity and challenges us to provide proof.

Well Marie your blog is perfectly titled, everything you said about us, is misinformed fanciful musings and pure imagination, which bares no relationship to reality and the true facts. It’s hurtful gossip and slander.

Marie, on your blog you are not only slandering Dolly and I, you are slandering a whole community of Secondlife creators. Just because there are 'fake' creators who steal content from the internet and call it their own, you must not falsely assume that real creators do not exist.

Marie, you are helping to propagate the absurd myth, lie, fabrication, that original creators DO NOT exist and that everything in Secondlife is up for grabs because it is somehow miraculously ‘birthed’ by the mother of all content … The Internet herself

It is often implied by the misinformed, that it’s ok to steal from content creators, because it is assumed they are not genuine creators .... nobody CREATES anything themselves, nobody creates anything original…. They found it, borrowed it, stole it from somewhere on the internet. So by implication it’s ok to take it.

Let's not forget the old saying ...'A thief believes everyone steals'

It's always the first thing copybotters say to me when I approach them ... they say ... 'It's not yours, I got it from the internet!' 'You don't own everything on the internet'.

True I don't own everything on the internet I agree ... but that exact plant I DO own, because I made it and that makes it mine.

I make no claim on ALL water lilies, or ALL palm trees. I only make claim to the ones Dolly and I created.

I make no claim on Ideas. Ideas are 10 cents a dozen.

From Marie’s Fanciful Musings :
'Okay Lilith, did you actually travel somewhere and photograph those trees and bushes, then crop the plants out for use in your products - or did you find the original photographs somewhere on the web, crop out the plants, and use them? Did you do the same for every pine tree, every maple, every birch - every single plant in your collection, or did you use someone else's photos as source?'

Nope, none of the above.
Get this Marie ….. Dolly and I are creators of original 3D mesh content which we use as assets to create digital artwork for our Secondlife plants, flowers and trees. We have EVERY single tree and plant that exists in our garden centre, in the form of a 3D mesh. 3D meshes which we created from scratch.

That means we have the IP rights to ALL our content and can prove it.

You are calling in to question whether Dolly and I are the original creators of the water lily arrangement (and questioning the origins of everything in our garden centre) plus you are demanding ‘beyond reasonable doubt’ 100% proof.

So for the unbelievers and those who are interested in the true facts rather than fanciful musings of the misinformed .... Here is the Heart of the matter.

The Heart 'MESH' Waterlily Pads, lily flowers and buds, Sword Reeds and the Waterlily Arrangements

Please note that the screenshots below are of the finished meshes. There is no magic 'make mesh lily pads now' button in Modo. We have all the stages of developement that were necessary to create the final 3D meshes you see below.

Screenshots from within Modo, of all the mesh components used, showing the mesh in wireframe and UV mapped versions

Close up of one of the Lily pad arrangements - See the mesh

Waterlily Flower and Buds - See the mesh

All 4 different mesh assets of the lily pad arrangements

Close up of the tiny pond weed - even that is mesh

On your blog you repeatedly mention our SWORD REEDS. Guess what Marie …. Sword Reeds don’t exist in real life. We made them up. There’s no such thing as Sword Reeds. We got the idea for the name from a Sufi fairy tale, where the hero kills a terrible genie with a magic sword made from a reed.

The giant XL versions of the mesh lily pad arrangement

The photo assets I used for UV mapping the Lily pad mesh. I took the photograph myself in my mum's garden pond

The original Waterlily arrangements inside the amazing virtual world Secondlife

The range of genuine Heart Waterlily products created from the above mesh assets and available from The Heart garden centre and the SL Marketplace. We can provide the same 100% proof for all the Heart products.

Dolly and I are not big fakers, we are genuine content creators.
Original creators are not a myth.
There are hundreds of ORIGINAL CREATORS working in the amazing Virtual World of Secondlife and also working in a hundred other areas outside of Secondlife.

In this rapidly growing digital culture, individual IP rights need to be recognised, respected and protected. It's always been a basic human right that people are not allowed to steal your stuff, from the stone age to the industrial age ...... In this The Digital Age, these fundemental rights are being eroded by the culture of FREE.

We have special words like copybotting and copyright infringement that diffuse and inaccurately describe this criminal activity. But really it’s just stealing.

The basics of civilisation are … we don’t kill each other and we don’t take each others stuff.

When someone steals something from you, you should stand up and be counted. If creators say nothing, nothing will change. I will continue to draw attention to the important issue of Intellectual Property rights for digital content creators.

Marie, I have proved beyond reasonable doubt that the waterlilies came from our own handiwork. So perhaps we can get off the carpet now. Because ...

It's game, set and match to Heart.

'He who holds the ladder is as bad as the thief'
Anglo Saxon Proverb