Tuesday, 2 August 2011


Browser based virtual worlds have arrived.

Spoton3D have released a super easy to install browser plugin for virtual worlds.

Installed it in a couple of minutes, teleported here and there, built some stuff ..... everything worked seamlessly.

Will browser based access to virtual worlds tempt the mass market, the millions of chatters, texters, IMers, skypers, facebookers, the 'Avatarless' communicators who have yet to be incarnated in pixel flesh, yet to discover the delights awaiting them  ...... the opportunity to create yourself anew

The 'Avatarless'  mass market needs easy access to virtual worlds and Spoton3D's Virtual World Plugin is a massive step in the right direction.  

There are literally hundreds of millions of people using social networking sites such as the all pervading Facebook. Yet Facebook only has very cut down, limited, virtual chat and game type worlds ...  Yoville, Cafe world, Farmville, Cityville and so on. These are not true virtual worlds, they lack the essential element, which is 'User Generated Content'

Secondlife, Spoton3D and Opensim  is where it's really happening. Facebook, Google+ are 2D limited experiences .... glorified and pimped out, telephone address books. They've reached their limit and have nowhere to go now, apart from into the 3rd dimension.

But the weird thing is Facebook and Google+ do not allow avatar accounts, which is very short sighted and somewhat bonkers, as we, the avatar community are the future :-)  Get real Facebook ! Get real Google+ !  you've already lost touch ! It's wonderful that you can visit a virtual world with an avatar inside a Facebook page, but crazy you can't BE an avatar on Facebook. Clearly the Facebook and Google+ developers do not understand the future

Ten years from now if you don't have several avatar selves, virtual agents, that represent all the different you's in virtual space ....  the playful you, the business you, the warrior you, the dancing queen you, the creator you ....... it will be like not having an email address or web access or a mobile phone. You will be cut off from a human happening. The 2D web was the beginning, but the 3D web is the future

You can get a little taste of the future by downloading and trying the Spoton3D's Virtual World Plugin, it's easy and a fun experience.

Spoton3D has an economy and a marketplace where you can buy and sell User Generated Content, which is the life blood of any true 3D virtual world.

Dolly and I have started listing our plants and trees at the Spoton3D marketplace

Here are some other links with more information and discussion regarding Spoton3D's bold step forward

Will Spoton3D's easy to use web viewer be one of the catalysts that attracts the illusive 'Avatarless' social networking millions to 3D virtual worlds ?

As they say at Spoton3D .....
"The 3DWeb — A Place to Go ...Rather Than a Page to Read!"

Heart Sim in Spoton3D Grid  -  Using The Web Based Viewer