Thursday, 20 February 2014

Living In The Fairytale World Of Second Life

I can hardly believe I have lived and worked in a fairytale virtual reality world for the last 8 years. There is something truly remarkable about the virtual world, Second Life.

Second Life has everything the real world has - magnified, it's an exaggerated reflection of the real world, both good and bad. But let's not forget the magic.

Today Dolly and I were setting up screenshots for our new mesh pine forest when some fairy friends dropped by. I'm often visited by fairies since I am one, some of the time. But today , after viewing these totally spontaneous screenshots (windlight and fairy dust added) it really did make me stop and think, not for the first time,  ..... what a wonderful place Second Life is, it's a truly magical world. Where else can you be busy working and be interrupted by the visits of fairies and I have the screenshots to prove it.

What you see below is a tiny glimpse into a magical moment that happened today in Second life

Lilith Heart and The Fairies

Moonstruck Fairies

Lilith Heart Telling Fairies Stories 

 Dolly Heart thinks to herself ...
 "I do love fairies, but I couldn't eat a whole one."

Recently Dolly and I transformed into forest elementals -  larger than fairies and a tad scary but fundamentally the same DNA. We'd been human for too long ...  time to be more virtual, time for change, time for Fairy Power !

I always knew Second Life and Virtual Worlds were an important medium, from the first time I logged in 'I got it'. Eight years later I am not surprised to learn it still has the power to amaze and delight me.

What have I learnt in eight years ?

1. Don't trust appearances
2. Change is gonna come
3. Many a mickle makes a muckle

Also .....  Welcome to the Fairytale King Ebbe. Please be gentle with this world, as you can see .... it has fairies.